Spending Never Made You Smile Like This!

We bumped into a fun fact the other day that we just had to share for those uninformed: both Chinese KFC and Californian CaliBurger are now implementing facial recognition systems for their customers. Basically, this is a ”smile to pay” technique powered by Alipay that uses a 3D camera to scan the customer’s face to verify their identity before completing the order. The result: a great way to simplify the daily routine of french fry fanatics — but also a smart way for companies to develop their loyalty programs and to even create a feeling of exclusivity. Imagine walking into your local burger shack and being welcomed with a hello and a quick ”wait, don’t say a word – I already know what you’re having”. If that ain’t luxury!

In all seriousness: if you’ve been around this feed for a bit, you know that our last article approached future identification systems. This is the kind of development that we love seeing. It may seem superfluous to go this far for such a basic ritual as ordering your happy meal, but here’s a real reason to smile: in the big picture, this means tailored technology for augmented integrity is finding its way to the market. Ideally, this rules out any fraud as the access to your bank account is no longer through a credit card. Could this be the starting point of a society free from credit cards where body language alone will be the payment method?

We’re eager to see the algorithm that will be able to tell seven billion different facial features apart when this technique really breaks out; a challenging task considering how much we essentially look like each other. Until then, the ”smile to pay” service also uses a phone number verification for additional security — just in case we’ve got a hidden, hungry doppelganger out there ready to splurge our savings.

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