The thesis work talent recruitment service: Mapping proficiency profile. Employer Branding Survey and Employee Value Proposition. Workshop- and responsibility for preparation of thesis subjects. Procurement of LOI-employment contract. Responsibility for Intellectual Property Agreement and stakeholder management. Materials for marketing. Marketing and recruitment from HET-talent pool, assessment testing, quality assurance recruitment interview, case and references. Coordination of client interviews and feedback. Workshop and introduction to onboarding talents.

For which kind of companies?
We’re convinced that our service suit those likeminded that:

A) Are aware that technical talent is scarce and understand the effects of building employer recognition amongst students to enable hirings, before someone else does.

B) Believe in hiring juniors to enable current employees to grow and flourish.

C) Realize they don’t have the internal resources to excecute recruitment or thesis project on their own.
Our criteria

Product company or niched service/consultancy firm.
R&D oriented.
Product or service with modern technology or cutting edge.
6 employees or more in the “development” department.
Facilities within the central area (or surroundings) of Stockholm and Gothenburg

You figure the thesis topic to be strongly related to your current business or R&D.
You are able to engage at least one professional supervisor/tutor per student or thesis group.
Understand- and are open-minded about the intellectual property regulations and sign up for dialogue with the universities before project start.
You understand the value of feedback and agree upon planning an onboarding program for the recruits before project start.

You are able to sign a guarantee of an employment contract with the recruits on the terms of a successful thesis project (employment expected date 1/9).
Your company offers a marketable or even competitive salary and terms of employment.


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